Manufacture and sale of ductile iron fitting and brass fittings.

General de Fundición y Accesorios specialises in the design and manufacture of ductile iron fittings, ductile iron valves and brass fittings for water supplies, drainage and irrigation. We sell these products under the CondorÒ brand name. Our endeavours and involvement in creating efficient, high quality products in the water sector mean that we reach a large number of Spanish and international customers. Using our CondorÒ brand name, we take our solutions worldwide and they are available in many countries, such as Portugal, Ireland, Paraguay, Italy, Mexico, France and Uruguay. Canal de Isabel II, Emasea, Aljarefesa and Emasa are amongst the approved Spanish companies who trust our products. We are also members of the Spanish Association of Water Supplies and Drainage (AEAS).


General de Fundición y Accesorios is approved and authorised by the top Spanish water companies, and offers the best solutions for water supply, drainage and irrigation.

 General de Fundición y Accesorios is also certified by reputable independent bodies such as APPLUS and TUV, and we hold several certificates, such as ISO-9001 for management quality and EN-545, EN-1074-2 and EN-12842 for product quality and the C€ certificate.

 This means that we can guarantee our clients that our products are of the highest quality, giving them confidence and reliability in our solutions.


General de Fundición y Accesorios is committed to offering our clients quality solutions which give them confidence and security.

 With the aim of improving our products and services, we continuously research the market to discover the best solutions on offer on the market which we can use to offer streamlined, innovative solutions.

At General de Fundición y Accesorios we have 3 Ductile Cast Iron Fitting families:

Stock manufacturing diameters for these fittings go from DN50 to DN600. Up to DN 1800 is available on special order. When we manufacture these fittings, we continuously monitor the production process and we also have certificates issued by independent bodies certifying compliance with each one of the standards regulating the accessories.


Our ductile iron valves are made under the most demanding quality standards on the market. The products available to our customers are made under strict supervision and offer excellent reliability in their materials and function. Various types of valves are on offer – F-4 and F-5 gate valves, Service Valves F-F, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves and Ball Valves, etc. We have continuous control of the production process in place to ensure that our customers get an excellent quality product which is also safe.

At General de Fundición y Accesorios we offer a wide range of connection and repair fittings for a broad range of pipes and provide innovative solutions to our customers for this type of work. Highlights of our solutions for connection and repair are Repair Clamps, Universal Coupling, Restrained Coupling and Gibault Joint. The technical specifications of our Connection and Repair Fittings show the quality of our products which provide the customer with the best solution for their needs. All our ductile cast iron accessories are manufactures under the strictest quality controls, complying with the relevant requirements of the standards for each one of them.

Our ductile iron clamp saddles for PE and PVC pipes are designed and manufactured to provide maximum reliability for our customers and manufactured under close monitoring.

We offer a ductile iron PE/PVC clamp saddle which is easy to assemble and has a certified EPDM joint which ensures watertightness and a Clamp for PVC with two screws. We offer solutions which are adapted to each customer and provide efficiency and safety. At General de Fundición y Accesorios the entire manufacturing process is controlled with meticulous monitoring to check that each clamp saddle made complies with the established quality requirements.

General de Fundición y Accesorios offers various types of steel flanges to give solutions to our customers with a wide range of types and diameters available.

Our flanges are stamped steel and offer the best quality which meets the expectations of even our most demanding customers.

Our Condor Brass Fittings and Valves are mainly designed and manufactured for water distribution networks with PE pipes. All of them comply with the European standards and pass the strictest product quality controls as well as periodic testing to ensure their reliability. The Condor Brass Fittings and Valves catalogue contains Brass Fittings for PE, Threaded Brass Fittings and Brass Valves. At General de Fundición we guarantee the top quality of the brass, in addition to the parts’ easy installation. The production process is continuously monitored to control the manufacture of all our brass pieces.

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